the DERMAPERFECT summer treatments

the DERMAPERFECT summer treatments.

What's on the summer menu? 🍴🥥🌴

Before packing for your season in the sun, make sure your skin is also ready. Start with a state-of-the-art summer peel that takes away dead cells without causing any sun sensitivity and leaves your skin radiant. Then treat yourself with the gift of deep hydration through an injectable cocktail containing non-cross linked hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants that will help you resist photoaging.

In order to stimulate new collagen production, dr. Penelope Tympanidis applies radiofrequencies and HI-FU Skin Tightening device. RF causes a kind of a thermal shock underneath the epidermis, which leads to a natural and healthy healing process resulting in the stimulation of fibroblasts and the synthesis of new collagen. Results can be seen immediately but as time goes by, new collagen continues to form and skin gets better and better for at least six months. HI-FU uses ultrasound to transmit energy in the lower layers of dermis resulting in in-depth renewal of the skin. Both treatments alter the way skin ages because even when we stop using them, our skin still benefits of the young collagen fibers that have been formed. Both are used as non invasive methods of skin tightening for face and neck sagging.

Deep & permanent hydration
The secret to pamper your skin and prevent dehydration is mesotherapy treatments with hyluronic acid that deeply hydrates and improves firmness, radiance, tone and elasticity to enhance the beauty of your complexion. In this way, the treatment reduces the effects of ageing on the skin

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