Combating premature ageing with DNA epigenetic testing. ​

Combating premature ageing
at the molecular level.

a ground-breaking
DNA testing technology

London Harley Street dermatologist Dr. Tympanidis uses mRNA-based molecular tests to analyze the DNA expression levels of certain genes associated with silent inflammation, oxidative stress, hormonal imbalance, structural integrity of connective tissue and ageing.

as seen on our reels.

Dr. Tympanidis explains why epigenetic testing can improve your skin and overall health.

the projection of your
health in 4 simple steps.

Our epigenetic profile is the most precise barometer of our future health that reveals our genes activity and ultimately pinpoints to molecular targets for improving your skin and overall health.

Step 1: Blood sampling

A simple blood test performed in our state-of-the-art molecular laboratory.

Step 2: Gene analysis evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation to determine your genes activity – an invaluable predictor of health and susceptibility to disease.

Step 3: Medical consultation

Dr. Tympanidis identifies any undesirable gene activity and pinpoints the root cause of current or oncoming health issues years before their onset.

Step 4: Lifestyle plan

Dr. Tympanidis provides an individualized treatment plan to target & build resilience against the potential onset of maladaptive symptoms.

your skincare, redesigned.

to enhance the results, Dr. Tympanidis prepares a personalized skincare routine with all the right skincare products just for you.