In an effort to provide full reassurance and peace of mind to our patients, our clinic offers frequent skin checkups and mole screenings, aiming to prevent skin cancer and other skin disease.

During a skin checkup at Dermaperfect we will perform a full body and scalp screening. If there is anything remotely suspicious, consultant Dermatologist Dr Tympanidis, will examine the lesion with a dermatoscope.

Moles that remain suspicious after the checkup might have to be surgically removed and send to the lab for histology study.

After a skin checkup has been completed, Dr. Tympanidis will offer you a full report of your skin and mole conditions. Dr. Tympanidis will give you advice on how to protect your skin from sun damage prevent skin cancer, as well as science based, individually created anti-ageing regimes to match your skin type and lifestyle.