Say goodbye to acne for good.

the only solution to scars.

scar treatment.

combining scar subcision, injectable fillers, dermabrasion and needling biostimulation, Dr. Tympanidis makes scars disappear in just a few sessions.



tailor-made peelings combining more than 12 different chemicals.

our focus, is you.

many patients come to Dr. Tympanidis frustrated by all the treatments they have tried with no results. our goal is to find the root of the problem and provide effective treatments that match your goals and lifestyle .

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step 4.

if necessary, the doctor combines chemical peeling with additional treatments such as mesotherapy, subcision, laser treatments, etc. At the end of the treatment, we will provide you with a list of several products and skincare tips that are important to enhance the results of the peeling. For maximal results, Dr. Tympanidis may also create a personalized galenical cream that can by prepared by your pharmacist.

step 3.

Dr. Tympanidis creates a chemical peeling that is tailor-made to your skin's needs, by combining more than 12 chemicals in different strengths and quantities.

step 2.

after examining thoroughly your acne to determine your underlying skin condition, the doctor discusses all the available treatments that could suit your profile and you decide together the solution that fits the best.

step 1.

interview with Dr. Tympanidis about your concerns, lifestyle and short/long-term goals.


your skincare, redesigned.

to enhance the results, Dr. Tympanidis prepares a personalized skincare routine with all the right skincare products just for you.

your DERMAPERFECT cream.

take home a gallinical cream recipe adjusted to your skin.​

the subtle art of SUBCISION.

it is the most effective procedure for treating scars but it has to be conducted by a qualified specialist since it involves undermining that can be harmful if done improperly.


dive deep into the technical.

Dr. Penelope Tympanidis uses a needle to release the fibrotic tissue from pulling down the valley of the scar. The technique allows the scars to level with the rest of the skin’s surface and eventually heal to leave no trace of any blemish.

collagen boost.

the procedure is completed with injectable collagen stimulators and laser sessions depending on the very unique protocol that is designed for each patient.

the benefits of SUBCISION.

undermining scars is the only effective way to treat skin imperfections, provided that it is performed by a qualified skin surgeon, as skilled and experienced as Dr Penelope Tympanidis.

Subcision is effective for severe, challenging scars that have depressions. These scars are considered to be the hardest to get rid of. The techniques used in subcision will ultimately help you get rid of scars with depressions.

After a Subcision treatment, mild bruising will occur. Swelling is also common which will only last for a few days.

After subcision, healing compounds can be injected into the base of your scar to improve the results of your acne scar treatment.

This treatment comes with minimal side effects such as temporary swelling which will last a short time.

your personal acne consultant.

we care for acne-free skin in the long term. Dr. Tympanidis will keep monitoring all the changes observed on your skin due to lifestyle, diet and other factors.