MESOTHERAPY on localized fat/ cellulite: Mesotherapy is a medical technique that was developed in France in 1952 to improve circulation and treat conditions like rheumatology, sport traumas, infectious and vascular diseases. It has subsequently proved to be a very effective cellulite treatment and also good for fluid retention, lymphatic drainage, localized fat reduction and skin rejuvenation.


Mesotherapy is transepidermal injections using active ingredients on the affected areas. After initial consultation, the dermatologist injects on the areas of localized fat deposits. The active ingredient among others is lecithin, which is also part of our own body’s main lipolytic enzymes. Each treatment takes about ten minutes and may be tender especially when performed around the menstrual cycle, After the treatment you can return to normal activities.


It is important to follow a good nutritional program, hence nutrition advice will be given at the same time, as the patient’s calorie intake shouldn’t exceed the calories needed to be taken to maintain a good weight. If the patient follows a good nutritional program in conjunction with mesotherapy, the results are exquisite. Patients may see results after at least three sessions. 6 to 12 sessions may guarantee better results and are advised for maintenance. Sessions are performed every two to three weeks.



sands-of-time (1)DurationAround 30 mins
hospital-syringe-AnaesthiaLocal Anesthetic cream is applied 20 minutes prior the procedure
groupContraindicationsPatients in anticoagulant treatment
passage-of-timeDowntimeMild Swelling or bruising, resolves within a couple of days.
medical-resultFinal ResultGradual improvement of skin quality
groupSuitable ForAll patients who seek deep skin hydration and overall skin health improvement.



What kind of material is injected during Mesotherapy?

The most important ingredient that results in deep skin hydration injected during Mesotherapy is hyaluronic acid in liquid form. This is often enriched by vitamins and antioxidants in order to boost the skins defense towards aging.

What kind of problems PRP treatment can address?

Mesotherapy treatment boosts our skin’s own potential against the aging process whilst is the only way to deeply hydrate the skin.

How quickly does Mesotherapy work?

Improvement is visible after 2-3 sessions (Within 2-6 weeks).

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