Empower your feminity with vulval rejuvenation

There’s more to seductive beauty than luminous skintone. Vulval rejuvenation is the perfect plan for skin tightening down below and dr. Penelope Tympanidis is a world known expert in the field.

Dr. Penelope Tympanidis has dedicated 4 years of research on vulval dermatology at UCL and the University of London, Royal Free Hospital Medical Campus. This produced 2 original scientific papers that address a very common, yet delicate and embarrassing vulval condition called vulvadinia.

Dr. Tympanidis, as a female doctor, approaches with discreet manner, expert knowledge and compassion all vulval skin complaints. Dermaperfect is considered a world reference for vulval skin problems as well as vulval skin rejuvenation.

Vulval Dermatology addresses all skin complaints affecting the female genital area. The vulval area is a sensitive area affected by many skin conditions that generally affect the skin, as well as sexually transmitted skin disease and specific vulval disease.

For every skin complaint down below there is a solution.
  • Sagging skin can be treated with a lifting procedure just like the face.
  • Asymmetries are treated with injectables and/or minor cosmetic incision until a perfectly sculpted genital area is designed.
  • Vulvadynia, a painful but poorly managed condition, is treated with a revolutionary minimally invasive procedure and/or oral medication.

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