Cryolipolysis is a new, non-invasive procedure that uses advanced cooling technology to gently and effectively target and eliminate fat in specific areas of a patient’s body. Considering that everyone has individual needs, the treatment should be tailor-made for every patient.


Customised treatments are key to each patient’s satisfaction, and this is guaranteed by the versatility of the method. Unlike traditional invasive surgical procedures, this one is completely non-invasive with no needles, no need for surgical incisions, and no anesthesia. It can reduce the fat layer without harming the skin or other tissues. Therefore, recovery time is not required; you may resume to your normal activities on the same day as your procedure, including work and exercise.



During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator is applied to the skin surface to deliver precisely controlled cooling to target and eliminate fat cells in specific areas of the body. Skin redness may be observed during treatment usually several minutes after the start of the treatment yet it resolves within minutes following the cessation of treatment. As they are exposed to cooling, the fat cells begin a process of natural fat cell removal. In fact, histological analysis of skin biopsy samples taken after first treatment revealed desquamation of superficial layers of epidermis, perivascular inflammatory infiltration, fragmentation of superficial collagen fibrils, and alteration of the adipose tissue, to the point of destruction after a period of ten weeks.


The fat cells in the treated area are gradually eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process. With a single treatment subjects have a 20% reduction after two months and 25% reduction at six months in the fat layer as assessed by ultrasound. The lipolytic effect of treatment takes place within about two to four months. It appears primarily applicable for limited discrete fat bulges. Interestingly, the exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin.


The procedure is considered as a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction. As long as the patient maintains his or her weight with diet and exercise, long-term results should remain stable.


Importantly, cryolipolysis has not produced any significant adverse side effects in studies to date and any noted effects have been minor and temporary.


Candidates are mostly women. The age range varies from early twenties to their sixties. Cellulite is a multifactorial issue. However we also treat males with clearly localized fat deposits. All patients can benefit from cryolipolysis, some more than others. It has very much to do with the individuals own causing factors i.e. compromised lymphatic circulation, varicose veins and water retention, hormones, family history, menstrual cycle, nutrition, lifestyle.


Treatment Snapshot
sands-of-time (1)DurationAround 40 mins
hospital-syringe-AnaesthiaNo local anesthetic
groupContraindicationsPatients with connective tissue disease.
passage-of-timeDowntimeMild redness/swelling subsides within 24hours.
medical-resultFinal Result3-6 cm. subcutaneous fat loss. Visible within 3-4 weeks post- procedure.
groupSuitable ForPeople who present localized fat accumulation (abdomen, thighs etc.)

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