7 steps to get porcelain skin

A flawless, luminous, even skin tone is the ultimate trend in beauty right now. Dr. Penelope Tympanidis shares her professional secrets on how to get it.


1 Never sleep with makeup on
You should never ever leave your makeup on while you sleep as it may lead to breakouts and rashes. Makeup also clogs your pores, contributing to the appearance of enlarged pores and can make your skin look inflamed. The healthiest way to remove it is a natural oil like olive or coconut oil.

#2 Reduce processed foods, eat more fruits & vegetables
Processed food is usually filled with sugar, salt, unhealthy fats and processed grains, which aren’t good for your health or skin. Instead, try replacing them withfruits, vegetables, and whole grains that provide essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that your skin and body will thank you for!

#3 Eat healthy fats
Eating healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids provides you with loads of health benefits including improved skin. Fatty acids help improve the skin’s ability to hold water so it looks and feels more hydrated. Try replacing any fats you use for cooking with olive oil and opt for fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines.

#4 Drink water and cut down on soft drinks, caffeine & alcohol
Soft drinks are high in calories and sugar, which doesn’t do your waistline or skin any good at all. On the other hand, caffeine and alcohol dehydrates your skin, making it look dry, dull and tired. Our body needs a good supply of water each day, some say as much as 8 glasses a day in order to keep skin well hydrated.

5# Protect your skin from the sun
It is of utmost importance that you wear sunscreen daily. If you know you’re going to be out in the sun for a long period, choose a sunscreen with high SPF and 5 star rating and remember to re-apply! It’s really better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to see pigmentation spots and wrinkles forming prematurely, and start regretting not slapping on enough sunscreen. Don’t forget the décolletage and the back of your hands.

6# Start peeling on time
Chemical peels are a safe and effective way to erase skin pigmentation spots, as long as they are applied by a dermatologist who specializes in their application. They work by taking away the dead pigmented cells as well as regulating the secretion of melanin which causes the spots. And the good news is you don’t have to wait for summer to end in order to start peeling. Dr. Penelope Tympanidis is an expert in the so called “summer peels” that can be perfectly applied during sunny months without causing any photosensitivity.

7# Discover the power of fractional lasers
To smooth out acne scars and uneven patches, and to rejuvenate the skin, Dr Tympanidis uses fractional laser. The treatment stimulates the production of new collagen while simultaneously removing damaged and pigmented skin tissue. Dr Tympanidis prepares the skin with exfoliating products such as glycolic acid and vitamin C in order to enhance the treatment and encourage the process of regeneration to follow.

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Summer treatments you’ll love

Although most people believe that beauty treatments should be avoided during summer time, the skin does really need some support to stay healthy and glowing. Dermatologist dr. Penelope Tympanidis applies specifically designed procedures to enhance our beauty under the sun.

1. RF Skin Tightening: pure RF energy stimulates collagen production and treats sagging skin without photo-sensitizing the surface of the skin. The earlier one begins RF treatments, the better the skin tightening effect will be.

2. HIFU Skin Tightening: Ultrasound is a form of energy that is significantly different than other traditional laser or light pulse techniques. It is considered as one of the safest skin lifting solutions as it protects the surface of the skin, whilst precisely penetrating at deeper depths, thus reversing skin sagging.

3. Thread lift: Just by inserting sutures without incisions, the thread lift gives immediate and natural results in 30 minutes.Perfect for sagging jawline, heavy brow and regeneration of rosy apple cheeks, giving a fresh, rested, natural look, with full facial movement and expression.

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Avoid the knife with the new skin tightening techniques

Dermaperfect Skin Clinic is featured once again in The Mail On Sunday‘s Supplement Healthcare Innovations.

Read the article below:

There’s a lot you can do to tighten lax, sagging skin on the faceand body without using a scalpel.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Penelope Tympanidis can guide you through the only treatments that have proven to be effective: the ones that combine technology with sophisticated manual biostimulation.


For an unbelievable lifting effect, radio frequencies are combined with substances that act as biostimulators by triggering the fibroblasts in order to produce new collagen. Dr Tympanidis injects special  fillers (e.g. Sculptra) that act as a bio-activator and extremely powerful collagen stimulator.  This treatment stimulates your own collagen, allowing tissue to volumize gradually. Over time, the Polylactic Acid dissipates as your own tissue, with natural collagens, takes its place. Collagen biostimulation fillers cover such a broad range of aesthetic enhancement from intensive anti-ageing and regeneration to softening gaunt features in athletes or people with low BMI due to genetics or illness.  They reverse the ageing process by revolumizing the tissues of the face and neck, and firms and tightens the skin.


Microneeedling uses tiny needles to stimulate the fibroblasts so that they produce collagen. Dr Tympanidis applies the treatment on the face, neck and décolletage, and in areas of the body such as hands,knees and abdomen. When it comes to local fat deposits (arms, abdomen,buttocks and thighs), skin tightening is assisted by mesotherapy sessions that tighten the skin and melt the fat as well. For cellulite and resistant fat, she uses a combination of PPC(phosphatidylcholine) also known as lecithin and award-winning EGF (epidermal growth factors). The lecithin dissolves the fat cell walland causes fat reduction.  The growth factors and peptides present in the cocktail stimulate the production of collagen so that the dermis is strengthened and the appearance of cellulite and loose skin is reduced.


The essence of a radiofrequency procedure is to provide a deep,focused action where it matters without causing irritation, redness and burns which can occur when the surface of the skin is affected.  The treatment gives you tight, rejuvenated and invigorated skin on both the surface and in the deeper subcutaneous layers.  The overall effect of the therapy is supported by the stimulation of collagen  fibres, the ‘building columns’ of the skin.  The better the condition of these  fibres, the younger your skin will look.

• Manual biostimulation with
• Manual biostimulation with speci c
 llers such as polylactic acid
• Mesotherapy with skin redensifying
• Hi-tech assisted collagen induction
with radio frequencies
• Collagen enhancement will be so
intense, you’ll never need a facelift

30 minutes Face Lift

No need for serious surgery. Dr. Penelope Tympanidis addresses the sagging skin with a unique combination of injections and sutures. The results are amazing- see for yourself!

The 360 degrees approach to acne

Acne is a serious skin issue that needs to be addressed only by an experienced dermatologist. Skinguru dr. Penelope Tympanidis explains how she does it.

The only efficient Cryolipolysis

The only treatment of cryolipolysis that really works is conducted by dermatologist dr. Penelope Tympanidis. Find out how this revolutionary technique can help you achieve your dream body.



Dr. Penelope Tympanidis performing chemical peeling in our Dermaperfect Athens clinic!

Chemical Peeling is the safest and most sophisticated way to actually keep your skin looking healthy. It also addresses most of the skin conditions including acne and melasma.



Dr. Penelope Tympanidis explains the importance of accuracy during thread lifts at this detailed video! 

Thread Lifts is a minimally- invasive procedure created to address sagging cheeks and jaws.
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