Benign skin growths may arise at any time during one’s life time. They appear aslumps and bumps on our skin, and in some cases they may get wounded, inflamed or even infected. In many cases they are a source of aesthetic concerns as they arise on face and neck.


Common examples of lumps and bumps include cysts, angioma, skin tags, warts, epitheliomas, papillomas etc.


At Dermaperfect, we address all of the above issues on the spot, without GP referral. This means that you may have most benign skin lesions removed upon the first visit, with absolutely no GP Referral needed. Consequently, this means less hassle and quicker healing time.


Treatment Snapshot
sands-of-time (1)DurationAround 20 mins
hospital-syringe-AnaesthiaLocal Anesthetic is injected.
groupContraindicationsYour consultant dermatologist will assess lesions properly and suggest whether those are benign or seek histology.
passage-of-timeDowntimeA small scab will fall off within days.
medical-resultFinal ResultCompletely scar- free benign growth removal.
groupSuitable ForEverybody.



Which lesions are considered benign?

Cysts, angioma, skin tags, warts, epitheliomas, papillomas.

Will the procedure involve stitching?

In most cases there is no need of stitching, thus, no scarring is left.


Do I need to take special care of the wound?

Dr. Tympanidis will give you aftercare tips. Usually there is no need of special care of the wound.


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