Athens Clinic Offer: free Mesotherapy Lipolysis with every Cryolipolysis Treatment

No need for eternal slimming treatments. Dermatologist Dr. Penelope Tympanidis has created a signature one-stop treatment to get you in your best shape ever. Shed off that extra fat using the freezing power of Cryolipolysis. In just one session, this amazing technology targets fat cells and freezes them until they are liquefied and hence naturally eliminated from the body. Procedure can be repeated in one month to enhance the results.

Worried about cellulite or sagging skin? Depending on the problem the dermatologist will design a bespoke mesotherapy cocktail for your skin using powerful plant extracts like fucus, ruscus, ivy and artichoke. Dreaming of an immediate lift of the glutes? By inserting absorbable threads, Dr. Tympanidis can achieve a spectacular difference right away.




  • ATHENS CLINIC OFFER: Book yourself a Cryolipolysis and get a Mesotherapy Lipolysis Treatment for free. Injected Lipolysis will maximize the results of CryolipolisisContact the Athens Clinic in Chalandri and get your free gift!Book the offer


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