Dr. Tympanidis is a UK trained Consultant Dermatologist. She graduated with distinction (110 cum LAUDE) from the University of Rome and subsequently attended the New England Medical Center, Tuft’s University, for cutaneous surgery training.

Dr Tympanidis gained her core dermatology training at the Department of Dermatology of University College of London (UCL), and worked on her MD thesis, as Clinical Research Registrar at the Department of Dermatology at UCL and the Royal Free/UCL Medical School Campus.

As a Consultant Dermatologist has worked at Mayday University Hospital in Croydon, and has an ongoing commitment as a Consultant Dermatologist with Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, till present.

She has extensive experience in general dermatology, photo-dermatology, allergy, and patch testing, pediatric dermatology, skin cancer clinics, and laser treatments.
She regularly teaches students and General Practitioners. She also trains junior plastic surgeons, on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and junior dermatologists on cutaneous surgery.


A Pioneer

Dr Tympanidis is a pioneer in cosmetic dermatology since 1998. She is the founder of “Dermaperfect” skin clinic based in Harley Street, central London. She was the first to perform bio-stimulation agents such as L polylactic acid since 2000, for skin rejuvenation and acne scars remodeling.

She was the first to introduce facial sculpting and cheekbone enhancement as described by ‘The Telegraph” in 2005.

She is the first Consultant Dermatologist to introduce bespoke tailor-made peeling cocktails that address common skin conditions such as acne, melasma and rosacea.

Cosmetic Dermatology

When it comes to minimally invasive anti-aging treatments, it is very important that you entrust your face and body to a Consultant Dermatologist rather than nonspecialist staff, such as cosmetic doctors or nurses. That is why you should choose us.

At the Dermaperfect skin clinic, all treatments are performed by a highly-skilled Consultant Dermatologist.

At Dermaperfect, our staff has advanced the combination of science, dermatology, and art. In our clinic, we will not just improve your looks; and we won’t just offer you a one size fits all approach.

When you see a dermatologist at Dermaperfect, you will undergo a proper specialist’s assessment in terms of biological or actinic aging of your skin, and you will have the most appropriate, prescription only, treatment for your skin. Here, skincare is not just Botox and fillers but a tailor-made mix and match regime to suit the individual’s needs in combination with a holistic approach that covers tips and nutritional advice.

This means truly effective treatments and no-nonsense expensive cosmetics. Improving your skin on top of any minimally invasive procedures will result in the best overall outcome and longevity of the desired results.

Based on the same philosophy, body sculpturing is also offered to take always into account your individual needs with tailor-made treatments.


“I enjoy working with people who want to improve their quality of life and my priority is to make people make the most out of their visits.”


Our approach

Dr. Penelope Tympanidis, consultant dermatologist and owner of the Dermaperfect clinic on Harley Street, is one of London’s leading dermatologists and has been a pioneer in minimally invasive anti-aging and body sculpturing techniques for the last 20 years.

“I believe that skincare is not just Botox and fillers but a bespoke regime in combination with a holistic approach that covers lifestyle tips beauty and nutritional advice to suit the individual’s needs.
Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra, Fractional laser, alexandrite laser, Radiofrequencies, Y-lift, PRP, tailor-made cocktail peels, facial sculpturing for face and neck rejuvenation, cryolipolysis, lipolytic mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage enhancement for cellulite and body sculpturing are an example of this mix and match approach that we offer to suit the patient’s needs.

Dermatology is a combination of science and art. The latter is very important for me as everyone has a different lifestyle, different skin dynamics and is unique at the end of the day”, says Dr. Tympanidis, who is UK-trained and member of the European Board of Dermatology.

“It is not about a one size fits all kind of mentality but rather about a well-consolidated approach, that is right for you: that means it is tailored to your skin type, your lifestyle, your concerns, the depth of your skin and your skin’s dynamic character.”



“Dermatology is a combination of science and art. The latter is very important for me as everyone has a different lifestyle, different skin dynamics and is unique at the end of the day”


What exactly does bespoke dermatology mean and how important is it to have a tailor-made approach?

Dr. Tympanidis explains: “Nowadays the word bespoke may sound like old news, but it is not. It is actually more relevant than ever because it is very hard to find it in its true sense. People are always getting caught in the what’s new mindset but I always say that what’s new is what is good for you. It is about reconsidering what we know and offering or adapting it in a new way. In my practice, the Dermaperfect clinic, I am giving this word special attention and respect, whether it is a peel or any other treatment. That is also an art on its own.”

Dr. Tympanidis is known as the Queen of face and body sculpturing/contouring, earning the trust of celebrities, actors and royals in Europe and the Middle East. Her extensive knowledge on all cutting edge treatments and her versatile work has also made her a regular commentator in the UK and international high profile media, such as Tatler magazine, the Telegraph, Vogue, the Financial Times, The Daily Mail, BBC Radio, as well as the Channel 4 program, Make Me Perfect. In addition, she has also been the skin adviser for Elizabeth Arden, Tria Beauty, Prevage and Allergan.

Dr. Tympanidis offers her bespoke approach and a discrete VIP service in both her Harley street Dermaperfect clinic and in private visits. She frequently travels to the Middle East and the UAE for private appointments, bringing a new dimension to the art of dermatology.




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